Muslim Violence Probably Does Have A Genetic Component

February 18, 2007

It seems the violence and incompetence of Muslim nations may not be due only to their belief systems – genes quite probably play a part.

Islam’s sole contribution to the modern world is the suicide bomb. Apologists claim that the practice is justified, and the rest of us ascribe it to the teachings of Islam. But another possibility is that it’s a genetic defect.

Discussing genetic differences between races is very non-PC – witness the howls of rage at The Bell Curve, a respectable and statistically unchallengeable analysis of  the relationship between IQ and a number of other factors, including race. The howlers argue that any such discussion opens the way to Nazi death camps. The censorship is partial – if differences are benign, like the African sickle cell adaptation, it’s OK to discuss it.

DU reviewed the evidence last year, and concluded that Japanese violence does have a strong genetic component (Japanese have double our percentage of a violence-related gene), but that it was unlikely Islam with its range of races had similar genetic problems. Now it seems that conclusion was wrong, because Islam promotes very unusual breeding practices.

For the greater part of human history, almost every society has been structured around the bonds of marriage and kinship. A man’s security, health, prosperity, and religious standing all traditionally depended on his relatives. We moderns continue to marry and trace our descent through our parents, especially our fathers. Yet in comparison to societies in other times and places, the bonds of kinship are now thin and watery things.

Now we see massive outbreeding in the Anglosphere – the DU kids, nieces and nephews are all married to/dating non-Brits. But in large parts of Islam:

Guided by powerful cultural rules and preferences, Muslims commonly arrange the marriages of their children. A Muslim family’s economic well-being, social standing, and much else typically depend upon those arrangements, and as we learned in “Marriage and the Terror War,” large sections of the Muslim world prefer to arrange marriages between “parallel cousins,” cousins who are members of the same paternal family line.

…on a world scale, the radical form of in-marriage represented by the union of parallel cousins is highly unusual. Parallel-cousin marriage is confined almost exclusively to the region once ruled by the original eighth-century Islamic empire, and this involuted form of marriage stands in sharp contrast to the relative value placed on out-marriage, inter-group alliance, and interchange favored by almost every other culture in the world.

This piece goes on to assess the cultural consequences of the “highly unusual” breeding stategy, but what of its genetic consequences?  First, a definition:

Parallel cousin is an anthropological term denoting consanguinial kin who are in the same descent group as the subject and are from the parent’s same-sexed sibling. Simply put, a parallel cousin is a first cousin who is the child of the father’s brother or the mother’s sister.

Unlike cross cousins, parallel cousins are usually not the subject of promoted marriage since a union in many cultures would fall under an incest taboo.

Most sexually reproducing species are hardwired against incest, for good reason:

Inbreeding leads to an increase in homozygosity, that is, the same allele at the same locus on both members of a chromosome pair. This occurs because close relatives are much more likely to share the same alleles than unrelated individuals. This is especially important for recessive alleles that happen to be deleterious, which are harmless and inactive in a heterozygous pairing, but when homozygous can cause serious developmental defects.

So the Islamic societies that follow this practise – including immigrants in our societies – are concentrating harmful genes. DNA testing the remains of suicide bombers will identify what these are.

In the meantime, we should be insisting that our Muslim immigrants cease arranged marriages – interestingly that’s the recommendation of this brave Muslim Brit:

Let us start with the real problems and say, ‘Whether you like it or not, this is what we demand’. We could start with all the things that should have been done a long time ago. I would start by ending the teen marriages.“A whole generation of us have been messed up by these arranged marriages.

This approach will, over time, integrate our Muslim immigrant communities. But there seems no hope for the nations they come from.