Worse Than Pelosi

The US separation of powers means that although the Dems can force the loss of a war and damage the economy, they can’t undermine the constitutional rights of Americans. Unfortunately for the Brits, their Dem-equivalents are doing just that.

The Brits (my sequencing and ellipsis):

If (Blair’s Labour) party wins the next election, it will make ID cards compulsory for all British citizens over the age of 16, whether they have a passport or not. In its ID cards “Action Plan”, the Government has confirmed that when people are forced to enrol for an ID card, “fingerprint biometrics (for all 10 fingerprints) will be recorded and stored in the National Identity Register”. It is possible that iris scans will also be taken.

Ministers plan to force all adults to travel miles at their own expense to fingerprint scanning units so their details can go onto an identity card database. From 2009, everyone will have to attend one of 69 “interview centres”, whose locations are revealed today for the first time.

…From 2010, all passport applicants, even if they are simply renewing their old one, will also have to apply for an identity card.

Of course criminals and terrorists will just claim to be foreigners, so not eligible for ID cards. The UK has an enormous population of illegal immigrants, and PC cops who’ll be reluctant to risk scanning or arresting foreign-looking people who lack ID cards and passports.

But law abiding Brits will see their liberties diminished, while the £19 billion forecast for the scheme won’t go to re-equip their vanishing Army, Navy, and Air Force.


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