Europe’s Next Genocide

The continental Europeans just can’t kick their mass murder habit.

France killed about 1 million Algerians in the 1950s and 1960s, then trained the Rwandan Hutus to kill another half million, while:

France, which felt the US and UK would use the massacres to try to expand their influence in that Francophone part of Africa, also worked to prevent a foreign intervention.

(The Hutu-led Rwandan government just returned the favor by applying to join the Brit Commonwealth.)

Next the French killed the tough guys on the Ivory Coast:

France Triumphant

The Germans have refocused on their core WW2 competencies – poison gas, rockets, and murderous dictators. By some accounts, the poison gas used by Saddam Hussein to slaughter Kurdish villagers was produced in German-supplied plants, and the stretched Scuds that rocketed Tel Aviv and our troops in the Gulf War were developed by German companies.

The Italians were more circumspect, limiting themselves to quietly backing terrorists.

Now the axis of weasels has moved on to its next genocide:

On the record, Europe claims to be as concerned as America about a nuclear-armed Iran. The record also shows, however, that Europe’s biggest countries do a booming business with the Islamic Republic.

In the absence of an official embargo against Tehran, private EU companies have sought commercial opportunities in Iran. But the real story here is that these businesses are subsidized by European taxpayers. Government-backed export guarantees have fueled the expansion in trade. That, in turn, has boosted Iran’s economy and–indirectly by filling government coffers with revenues–its nuclear program. The German record stands out. In its 2004 annual report on export guarantees, Berlin’s Economics Ministry dedicated a special section to Iran that captures its giddy excitement about business with Tehran.

Iran tops Germany’s list of countries with the largest outstanding export guarantees, totaling €5.5 billion. France’s export guarantees to Iran amount to about €1 billion. Italy’s come to €4.5 billion, accounting for 20% of Rome’s overall guarantee portfolio. Little Austria had, at the end of 2005, €800 million of its exports to Iran covered by guarantees.

….As if on cue, Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier last week detected in Tehran a “new ambition” to resume talks. The last time the Europeans promoted such diplomatic negotiations, Iran won two more years to get closer to its goal of becoming a nuclear power. In 2004, according to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung daily, then-Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer told Iranians to consider Europe a “protective shield” against U.S. pressure.

We know what “little Austria” supplied to Iran, and no doubt the Germans, French and Italians are supporting its nuclear program.

But this holocaust around the Jews have nukes, and can destroy their tormentors.


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