Taking Back The Media

February 23, 2007

A Brit entrepreneur creates compelling news feeds from outside the MSM, marking a dramatic change – for the good – in our news sources.

The YouTube video The World Without America has been picked up across the blogosphere – starting yesterday on Flopping Aces then appearing today on LGF:

At the time of writing, this has had 140,000 views. I’d cavil that the message misses other important American contributions – its unlikely that there would ever be color TV in a UK that struggle post WW2 without Marshall Aid and never got the transistor from Bell Labs. But it’s a splendid counter to the BBC distortions many Brits take as gospel.

The outfit that produced it is a very Brit innovation. 18 Doughty Street combines a conservative think tank with a well written on-line daily (now added to the DU blogroll) and produces its own videos:

18 Doughty Street is a five storey terraced house in Bloomsbury…

The state-of-the art television studio, which houses seven cameras, is in a self-contained, secure suite that houses two sets – one that is primarily used for Up Front and the main set that is used for the bulk of our programming.

The ground floor also houses two offices, comprising ten work stations. This is the editorial and creative hub of 18 Doughty Street. It is in this room that editorial decisions are made, guests are booked, articles written and our campaign agenda refined.

The chairman (and presumably prime source of funding) is Stephan Shakespeare, who founded YouGov, a Brit company that pioneered on-line opinion polling.

18 Doughty Street has similar creativity and smarts to Vigil, the private Brit organization that works to disrupt and expose terrorist activity. With people and institutions such as these, it’s very likely the UK will remain the freest, least corrupt large economy in the world.


A Great Idea

February 23, 2007

There’s a story Blair’s government wants to host part of the National Missile Defense system. That’s good news for Brits who hate being nuked, and those of the opposite persuasion can always move to France!

The Brit Daily Telegraph (my sequencing):

Britain is in negotiations with the US over the possibility of siting part of its controversial “son of Star Wars” missile defence system on UK soil, the Government confirmed today.

It suggested that a new missile silo could be sited at an existing US military base in the UK, but not at RAF Fylingdales in Yorkshire, which already houses early-warning radar equipment used in the system.

Talks are under way about the possibility of constructing a silo for 10 further interceptors in Europe to provide defence against any long-range missile fired from the Middle East…

One wonders who would possibly consider as “controversial” a defensive system that stops Brits being fried by the Mullahs & NoKos, but then:

The US, which already has silos in Alaska and California, claims it could provide protection from “rogue states” such as Iran and North Korea, but Russia says it will trigger a new arms race…

All is now clear – the Telegraph has lots of readers in the Kremlin.

On Being Attacked By Dead Sheep

February 23, 2007

Denis Healey’s immortal phrase accurately describes State’s pathetic response to Russia’s threats against NATO.

Here’s how the lefty Financial Times describes State’s reply to the recent Russian threat to target the Czech Republic and Poland if they host parts of the US National Missile Defense system (my emphasis):

US lashes out at Kremlin over missiles

Condoleezza Rice, US secretary of state, said the suggestion this week by Russia’s head of strategic rocket forces that Russia could target the two central European countries if they agreed to host the bases was “very unfortunate”…

..Separately in Brussels, Stephen Hadley, US national security adviser, emphasised Washington’s dismay at a speech this month in which Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president, hit out at the missile defence plans and the US’s “unilateral” use of force.“You heard a set of comments in which quite frankly we were disappointed”…

A more appropriate US response would have been something like this:

Poland and the Czech Republic are members of NATO, hence the US treats threats to and attacks on them as threats to and attacks on itself. Accordingly, the US will now target all Russian missiles capable of attacking these two nations.