A Great Idea

There’s a story Blair’s government wants to host part of the National Missile Defense system. That’s good news for Brits who hate being nuked, and those of the opposite persuasion can always move to France!

The Brit Daily Telegraph (my sequencing):

Britain is in negotiations with the US over the possibility of siting part of its controversial “son of Star Wars” missile defence system on UK soil, the Government confirmed today.

It suggested that a new missile silo could be sited at an existing US military base in the UK, but not at RAF Fylingdales in Yorkshire, which already houses early-warning radar equipment used in the system.

Talks are under way about the possibility of constructing a silo for 10 further interceptors in Europe to provide defence against any long-range missile fired from the Middle East…

One wonders who would possibly consider as “controversial” a defensive system that stops Brits being fried by the Mullahs & NoKos, but then:

The US, which already has silos in Alaska and California, claims it could provide protection from “rogue states” such as Iran and North Korea, but Russia says it will trigger a new arms race…

All is now clear – the Telegraph has lots of readers in the Kremlin.


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