On Being Attacked By Dead Sheep

Denis Healey’s immortal phrase accurately describes State’s pathetic response to Russia’s threats against NATO.

Here’s how the lefty Financial Times describes State’s reply to the recent Russian threat to target the Czech Republic and Poland if they host parts of the US National Missile Defense system (my emphasis):

US lashes out at Kremlin over missiles

Condoleezza Rice, US secretary of state, said the suggestion this week by Russia’s head of strategic rocket forces that Russia could target the two central European countries if they agreed to host the bases was “very unfortunate”…

..Separately in Brussels, Stephen Hadley, US national security adviser, emphasised Washington’s dismay at a speech this month in which Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president, hit out at the missile defence plans and the US’s “unilateral” use of force.“You heard a set of comments in which quite frankly we were disappointed”…

A more appropriate US response would have been something like this:

Poland and the Czech Republic are members of NATO, hence the US treats threats to and attacks on them as threats to and attacks on itself. Accordingly, the US will now target all Russian missiles capable of attacking these two nations.


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