Brit Slaves

The UK is not a Fear State, but Brits act as if it is, so there’s trouble ahead for its ruling elite.

Blair’s government wants to charge drivers during peak times, but a poll today shows strong majorities think the scheme won’t cut congestion or pollution, won’t increase use of trains and buses, and that the government will just pocket the cash.

But fully 67% think the scheme will be introduced whether voters like it or not!

This fatalism characterizes the bulk of the population in Fear States. These folks try to live their lives neither supporting nor opposing the ruling elite, like the Brit 67%. But there’s always another group that opposes the regime, and this gets bigger (through recruits from the apathetic middle) as the regime weakens.

Fear States aren’t stable, since they create their own opposition and implode after triggering events – for example the Boston Tea Porty or the fall of the Berlin Wall.

There’s no doubt that the Brit socialist government is weakening, so Brits just have to wait for – or create – the trigger.


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