Fatal Error

Contrary to MSM reports of his demise, the president is wildly popular with his base. The Mullahs are going to learn this surprising fact the hard way.

The report, hat tip Drudge (my emphasis):

The Feb. 9-11 poll puts Bush’s job approval at 37%, but among people who identify themselves as Republican or leaning Republican, his approval rating is 76%.

Thus, despite bad news from Baghdad and carefully crafted hand-wringing by high-profile GOP war critics in Congress such as Sen. Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, three of four Republicans in the country are hanging in there with the president.

The poll also shows that rank-and-file Republicans have higher regard for the president than they do Republicans in Congress. They gave GOP lawmakers a 63% job-approval rating, 13 points below Bush’s. And 72% of Republicans do not think Bush made a mistake sending U.S. troops to Iraq…

The latest congressional skirmish over Iraq underscores the point. In the House’s non-binding vote to oppose the president’s deployment of more troops to Baghdad, 17 Republicans voted with 229 Democrats to pass the measure. Four GOP representatives didn’t vote. Lost was the fact that 180 Republicans stuck with Bush. By that count, Bush gets a 92% loyalty standing among House Republicans who voted.

Republican voters are the backbone of America – they have more kids than Dems (the Roe effect), they give more to charity (money and labor), they run its economy, and they’re more likely to vote. From personal experience, they also provide the bulk of its military, and they’re more patriotic.

None of which is news in America – that’s why Congressional Dems are trying to hide their assaults on the president and military by using slow bleed tactics rather than outright opposition.

But the Mullahs get their news from the US MSM, and think a powerless president will be replaced by an appeaser within 2 years.

Their ignorance will be the death of them.


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