Next, We Come For The Lettuce

US brutality knows no bounds.

Iran’s president said on Sunday the country’s enemies had hatched a range of plots to push the Islamic Republic to give up its disputed nuclear programme, including driving up the price of tomatoes…

Rising prices, particularly the cost of tomatoes which form an important ingredient in Iranian food, have prompted growing public criticism of Ahmadinejad’s government.

“In order to harm us, they (enemies) make plots, for instance they come and push tomato prices up in the market. They think we will give up our ideals with their plots,” Ahmadinejad said in a speech in which he said Iran would not reverse its atomic plans…

It is not the first time the president has sought to deflect criticism for the rising price of tomatoes.

Soo, let’s consider how this impacts the typical Iranian BLT.

Absent bacon of course, so it’s an LT.

But absent tomatoes, it’s just an L. And when we take that out what’s left?

Toast – get the picture, Mr A?


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