Dem Euphemisms

The Dem Congress is struggling to develop euphemisms that describe its core policies without alienating Americans. Here are some suggestions.

The cry for help (my emphasis):

Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick V. Leahy, Vermont Democrat, called the barrier a “Potemkin fence” and said the money would be “wasted” in building it.

Yesterday, he and other senators bristled at the “amnesty” label. Some of them pleaded with the secretaries to help them come up with a way to avoid the label.

“This amnesty question will dominate this debate,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham, South Carolina Republican, who supports citizenship rights for most illegal aliens.

Here it is, ladies (with thanks to Roget’s Thesaurus).

Amnesty: Positive Forgiveness

Surrender: Conflict Relinquishment

Appeasement: Inclusive Pacification

Betrayal: Muscular Apostasization

Defeat: Military Confutation

Recession: Growth mitigation

That should keep old oyster-eyes happy.


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