The Dutch Will Make It, The Brits May Not

The Dutch political system is working better than the Brit version – it’s fighting un-assimilated Islam while the Brits appease it.

The Dutch:

Geert Wilders, the 43-year-old leader of the Freedom Party, is convinced that governments are being forced to accommodate a ‘tsunami of Islamisation’ that is fundamentally incompatible with European social values.

“Islam itself is the problem. Islam is a violent religion,” he told The Daily Telegraph. “The Prophet Mohammed was a violent man. The Koran is mostly a violent book. We should invest in Muslim people but they have to first get rid of half the Koran and half of their beliefs,” he said.

The Freedom Party has jumped from six to 10 per cent in opinion polls since November. His passionate campaign for a ban on the Islamic veil, or burqa, in public places is gaining such momentum that the country’s new coalition government could be forced to introduce the ban it does not support…

Wilders is convinced there is growing support for his views across Europe but its political leaders, particularly in Britain, are too obsessed with being politically correct.

“There is almost no country more politically correct than the UK.

He’s right – hat tip LGF:

The controversy over the publication of one of the now infamous Jyllands Posten Mohammed cartoons in a Cambridge University student publication has taken on a new seriousness, after two students were questioned under caution by Cambridgeshire police.

The students, understood to be the editor and guest editor of unofficial Clare College magazine Clareification (renamed Crucification for an issue focused on religious satire) were interrogated under Section 5 of the Public Order Act (“harassment, alarm or distress”).

Police confirmed to Index that the students were questioned last Friday, and a file has been sent to the Crown Prosecution Service, which will decide whether to press charges against the students in the coming weeks.

The magazine, circulated for free among Clare students, contained several articles ridiculing religious belief, and the front-page headlines ‘Katie Lin-O-Scopes more reliable than Bible’ (a reference to the magazine’s spoof horoscope column) and ‘Ayatollah rethinks stance on “misunderstood” Rushdie’.

The editorial stated ‘I hate Islam’. The Mohammed cartoon appeared on the back page, juxtaposed with a picture of Clare’s student president with the caption ‘One is a prophet of God, a great leader and an example to us all. The other is a violent paedophile.’

Earlier, Cambridge University had signalled that it considered the matter finished with. A spokesman for the university said the student who had guest-edited the publication had been disciplined, but that there was ‘no prospect of him being sent down’.

Free speech is a pillar of Brit society, and of course its exercise may “alarm and distress” those working to undermine that society. By bullying these students, Cambridge cops and its University are shamefully aligning themselves with these destructive forces.

Brits appeased fascism in the 1930s but went on to fight it, so maybe they’ll produce their own Geert Wilders – but there’s no guarantee.

The Dutch, however, are looking good.


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