Something Rotten In The DIA

China’s nuclear weapons use stolen US secrets, but the Defense Department’s military intelligence service – the DIA – is cool with that. Maybe the solution is to ship the whole Agency to Italy for trial.

Those nukes (my emphasis):

China’s military is engaged in a major buildup of submarines that includes five new strategic nuclear-missile boats and several advanced nuclear-powered attack submarines, according to the Office of Naval Intelligence.

The new nuclear-powered missile submarines (SSBNs), identified as Type 094s, will be outfitted with new 5,000-mile range JL-2 missiles that “will provide China with a modern and robust sea-based nuclear deterrent force,”…

The 120 missiles also could have multiple-warheads, since China is known to have acquired all the needed technology from the U.S. during the 1990s.

Here may be one of the folks doing the acquiring (my emphasis):

Former Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) analyst Ronald Montaperto, convicted last year on espionage-related charges that involved passing secrets to China, is scheduled to get out of federal prison Sunday. Prosecutors say he will be barred from meeting any Chinese intelligence personnel as a condition of his release.

Montaperto pleaded guilty in June to improperly storing classified intelligence documents and admitted as part of a plea deal that he verbally passed both “secret” and “top secret” intelligence to two Chinese military intelligence officers during 60 meetings over a number of years.

He spent three months at the minimum-security prison at Fort Dix, N.J.

Montaperto was sentenced to three months in prison by federal Judge Gerald Bruce Lee, who said the light sentence was the result of the letters of support he received from current and former intelligence and military officials, despite what he called a “very serious charge.”

Montaperto claimed the passing of intelligence to China was unintentional and the result of being tricked by two Chinese officers.

Damn underhand of these Chinese to use tricks! Still, the stiff sentence will comfort Americans nuked by SL-2s.

Bizarrely, it’s not just one traitor – the whole outfit is infected (my emphasis):

Before sentencing, Montaperto received letters of support from several current and former intelligence officials, including DIA analyst and friend Lonnie Henley, who ultimately was reprimanded by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence for his defense of Montaperto.

Mr. Henley also had criticized the FBI for investigating Montaperto in an e-mail to a group of China specialists. The e-mail defended Montaperto as someone who only wanted to improve U.S.-Chinese relations and who was persecuted by the FBI as a result.

Despite the letter of reprimand, Mr. Henley recently was promoted to acting national intelligence officer for East Asia.

Italians don’t know the difference between the DIA and CIA, so we can kill two birds with one stone by shipping Henley and partners off to Milan. It’s not inhuman – Milanese jail food is bound to to be vastly better than Chinese haute cuisine.


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