Safer To Be Feared Than Loved

Machiavelli’s insight has wide application for law enforcement – particularly in Iraq right now.

More than 200 British troops together with Iraqi soldiers stormed the National Iraqi Intelligence Agency building in Basra yesterday, capturing an alleged death squad leader and four other militants.

They also discovered thirty prisoners with torture wounds, including a woman and two children…

A British military spokesman said it had not been possible to warn the provincial authorities before the raid because it was ordered just hours earlier, on the basis of information received from a detained insurgent…

Measures used to gain access to the building – including knocking down locked doors – were “appropriately robust”, he added.

A number of prisoners are believed to have escaped in the aftermath of the raid, but the British denied they were deliberately freed, saying they “regrettably” took advantage of the chaos to make their escape.

The five men arrested are suspected of kidnap, torture, murder and involvement in roadside bomb attacks on multinational forces and civilians, the British said.

Of course Maliki has complained – but I bet he’s pleased as punch.

Well done the Brits!


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