Those That Live By The Leak…

Brit cops are leaking Blair to his political death. That’s arguably proper retribution for his own use of that weapon – unfortunately, it leaves Brits in a police state.

The latest on the cash for honors scandal:

Detectives believe they have foiled an attempt by Downing Street to wreck the cash-for-honours investigation after they obtained an injunction banning publication of a potentially explosive email about the inquiry.The email from Ruth Turner, one of Tony Blair’s most trusted aides, was to Jonathan Powell the No 10 chief of staff. It refers to Lord Levy the Prime Minister’s personal fund raiser.

Detectives leading the 11-month investigation believe it was deliberately leaked to the BBC on Friday night to sabotage the inquiry…

The police had no alternative but to obtain an injunction because if the email had got out it would have robbed the inquiry of potentially most important information.

But publishing an email would add to rather than detract from the amount of “important information” in circulation – unless the cops are planning on keeping it quiet so as to entrap those ignorant of it. But that would be illegal.

Plus this entire report is itself a leak from the cops to this particular newspaper. As is this:

When police suspected a possible cover-up within Downing Street they brought in experts to hack into Downing Street computers.

As previously noted, this leak is highly implausible – Downing Street computers, servers, and networks are protected against much more serious attackers than London cops.

Still, now we know Brit cops have become dishonest political hit men.


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