Moral Equivalence

The left uses the doctrine of moral equivalence to justify murder.

Christopher Hitchens takes Newsweek’s defamation of Ayaan Hirsi Ali to provide a definitive example (hat tip LGF, my sequencing):

They start by pretending loftily to find no difference between aggressor and victim, and they end up by saying that it’s the victim of violence who is “really” inciting it.

The enemy of fundamentalism is defined as someone on the fringe while, before you have had time to notice the sleight of hand, the aggrieved, self-pitying Muslim has become the uncontested tenant of the middle ground.

Newsweek labels Ali a “Bombthrower” for writing in her latest book:

“I left the world of faith, of genital cutting and forced marriage for the world of reason and sexual emancipation. After making this voyage I know that one of these two worlds is simply better than the other. Not for its gaudy gadgetry, but for its fundamental values.”

To Newsweek Ali is no better than the Muslims who burn, behead and mutilate innocents, who enslave and brutalize women, and seek to enslave us. That’s moral equivalence.

The doctrine infects the German Roman Catholic Church:

The visit of 27 members of the German Bishops’ Conference to Israel included a historic first-time visit to the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial museum in Jerusalem as well as guided tours of sites holy to Christianity and meetings with Christian congregations in Israel and in the Palestinian Authority.

While crossing one of the checkpoints into East Jerusalem the Archbishop of Cologne, Cardinal Joachim Meisner, told reporters: “This is something that is done to animals, not people.” Meisner, a resident of eastern Germany, said that the fence reminded him of the Berlin Wall and that in his lifetime he did not believe he would see such a thing again. As the Berlin Wall was brought down so will this wall be brought down, he said, adding that the fence served no purpose.

The delegation’s visit to Ramallah took place several hours after their visit to Yad Vashem and several of the bishops chose to equate the situation in the Palestinian Authority with the Holocaust.

These worthies equate Israel’s defense against rockets and suicide bombers with the German murder of millions of Jews and enslavement by communists.

That’s in part because they’re German, and treating Palestinian killers as victims gives cover for their antisemitism. And in part it’s the Roman Catholic Church’s ingrained Dove morality – the last pope denounced our liberation of Kuwait and Iraq, preferring to consign their peoples to Saddam’s gang rape and mass murder. That’s because Doves never fight.

But mainly Meisner and his colleagues are corrupted by the doctrine of moral equivalence.

That makes them – along with the Newsweek writers – accessories to murder.


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