Philosophical Brit Cops

The Brit cops sandbagging Blair reveal themselves as closet epistemological philosophers.

Epistemology or theory of knowledge is the branch of Western philosophy that studies the nature and scope of knowledge and belief.

Hence the latest on those secret emails supposedly pinched by cop hackers from Number 10 Downing Street (my emphasis):

A police search of Downing Street found an email composed by Ms Turner and addressed to Jonathan Powell, the No 10 chief of staff, making reference to Lord Levy. But it was never actually sent.

I wonder where they found the email? Inside a mattress? Taped to the bottom of a drawer? Hiding behind an arras?

Whatever, it’s now clear why the cops didn’t want the BBC to leak the email – it would have warned the people it wasn’t sent to that it wasn’t sent.


2 Responses to Philosophical Brit Cops

  1. Giles says:

    Hmm, presumably it was in the “Drafts” folder.

  2. Giles

    I considered that, but cops hardly need to “search” Outlook to find the Drafts folder – any more than they need to search the River Thames to find water, boats, ducks etc.

    Plus the article describes “a search of Downing Street”, as opposed to a review of of email clients on Downing Street computers.

    This may just be sloppy leaking, but I fear the cops may be in over their heads.

    That wouldn’t surprise me. A certian UK security agency once asked me how the size of a particular Unix OS, and were confused when I gave them its disk image size. But how big a cardboard box is that? they asked.

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