Amnesty and Open Borders

The dances of the pols promoting the above provide a constant source of amusement.

Here’s candidate Clinton:

“We cannot just take half steps,” the senator said, “and we certainly cannot give in to those who would deny the rights of people, undermine their human rights, act as though we didn’t have 12 million people here who are working hard every day doing what they can to support themselves, their families, and contribute to the well being of our country.”

Packing six verifiable false statements into one sentence is quite an achievement, even for a Clinton!

Sadly, the piece goes on to identify a small problem:

The chief obstacle, some analysts say, could be the politics of 2008, and the presidential campaign that has already begun in earnest. At least six senators are running for the White House, including Mr. McCain, a Republican of Arizona who is principal co-sponsor of the legislation.

“There’s going to be the temptation to either not touch it or stall and blame the other guy,” a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute who studies immigration…said.

Why be so shy about fixing the human rights abuse of 12 million innocents just because there’s an election pending?

I think we should be told.



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