What The ElBaradei?

The UN staffer providing top cover for the Mullah’s nuke program has inexplicably recommended it should stop helping them. Leaving aside why the UN was helping these monsters build their nuclear program, what’s got into the guy?

The story:

Delegates to a 35-nation meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency on Thursday approved the suspension of nearly two dozen nuclear technical aid programs to Iran as part of UN sanctions imposed because of the country’s nuclear defiance.

The decision to deprive Iran of 22 projects was taken by consensus and was expected. Even nations on the IAEA board normally supportive of Iran backed the suspension because it was recommended by agency chief Mohamed ElBaradei, on authority of the UN Security Council.

ElBaradei has never missed an opportunity to boost the Mullahs and went so far as to sandbag the President just before the 2004 election.

After said sandbagging, the administration agreed to grant him an unprecedented second term in his job – presumably he has some serious dirt on someone. But in that case why this latest recommendation to cut off aid from his co-religionists?

Possibly the Mullahs don’t need UN nuclear aid anymore, so he’s used that to pretend to be even-handed.

But there’s a more interesting possibility – the Mullahs are about to test, and the wily Egyptian gent wants to put daylight between him and them.


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