Evolutionary Consequences of Lawfare

March 10, 2007

“Lawfare” is the left’s abuse of the law to confound its opponents and protect its own. The practice is reprehensible, but evolutionary games theory suggests it actually weakens the left and strengthens conservatives.

This week Ann Coulter anatomizes the practice, here’s a summary.

Examples of Aggressive Lawfare against Conservatives

The prosecution of Linda Trip for telling the truth

The 3-year prosecution of Rush Limbaugh for allegedly illegally buying prescription drugs

The extended prosecution of Tom DeLay for minor campaign finance irregularities

The persecution of Lewis Libby

The Democratic attempt to force a defeat in Iraq by procedural manipulation of the US miltary’s budget

Examples of Defensive Lawfare to protect Lefties

The non-prosecution of Teddy Kennedy, killer

The non-prosecution of Clinton, perjurer

The non-prosecution of Patrick Kennedy, drunk/drugged driver

The non-prosecution of Jefferson, crook

The non-prosecution of Reid, swindler

The wrist slap administered to Berger, thief and destroyer of top secret national archives

Lawfare works for the left because it does not respect the law, whereas its opponents do. This explains why the US ranks as more corrupt than the UK (even worse than France!) – the blue staters pull it down. Thus for all the UK justice system’s defects, it wouldn’t tolerate a judge like Libby’s.

Evolutionary game theory predicts Lawfare will have an effect over time.

Wrongly prosecuted conservative pols would tend to drop out and be replaced with tougher specimens.

Morally deficient lefties will breed more of the same, either directly or by example – the Kennedy sequence demonstrates that. That’s bad for their breed, because competence requires honesty and the observance of rules – the opposite of Lawfare.

So the left is not only declining numerically because of the Roe effect, it’s declining morally and becoming increasingly incompetent. Meanwhile its adversaries grow in number, and become more competent.

One must have a heart of stone etc.