Another Brit For The Pantheon

In spite of its many problems, the UK continues to produce outstanding independent thinkers. The latest is Martin Durkin, who produced The Great Global Warming Swindle.

Because the Global Warmers shut down unbelievers, he had a tough time getting the documentary aired (my ellipsis):

(Brit) TV has been well and truly greened…(with) news programmes frequently leading on The Threat of Global Warming to Life As We Know It…

And yet some have branded Channel 4 as irresponsible for showing a 90-minute critical film which Durkin says he struggled for 10 years to have commissioned.

‘It shows that environmentalists and journalists can be utterly intolerant’, he says. ‘They simply will not tolerate any dissenting view. Straight away they try to take it down.

You can see that in the kind of language they use – they say “the jury is in” on global warming, or “the science is done and dusted”, or you’re a “denier” if you question the consensus. This is not about having a debate but about shutting down debate.’

The piece notes the attacks his program have been characteristically Ad Hominem:

… many of Durkin’s critics have responded to The Great Global Warming Swindle by trying to slur Durkin and the participants in the film…

Before the film aired, a contributor to a green-leaning website advised fellow contributors to keep an eye out for who is due to appear in the film ‘and more importantly who they work for’ (my italics).

In today’s Guardian, Zoe Williams seems to make a sly dig at one of the participants (Professor Tim Ball) on the basis that he is from Winnipeg.

On Wednesday, before the film even aired, a left-leaning website provided readers with a link to Ofcom’s (Brit FCC) website and the instruction: ‘Please do complain [about The Great Global Warming Swindle], and please do publicise this link and ask others to complain.’

It gave a link to the Channel 4 complaints website, too, saying that if Channel 4 ‘get a number of complaints then they will find it harder to commission future programmes from Durkin’…

But Durkin is right, the lefties are wrong, and in the UK right eventually prevails over ignorance – as William Wilberforce showed.


3 Responses to Another Brit For The Pantheon

  1. Giles says:

    Durkin is definitely right on this one, but given that he’s a self-described Marxist, you can’t really contrast him to “the lefties”. Of course, this only strengthens your point about ad hominem attacks; his bonkers politics are an irrelevance when debating his take on an alledgedly scientific issue.

  2. Giles

    Good point – a Marxist should be thoroughly in favor of impoverishing the capitalist pigs!

    Maybe it comes down to personality – the Deniers are individualists and the GWers collectivists?

  3. Giles says:

    I think most Marxists want to impoverish the capitalist pigs but they want to enrich the workers – so it’s internally consistent for them to oppose GW theories as being an attempt to keep the fruits of the workers’ labour from them by pricing it at a level that only the elite can afford. Hell, you don’t need to be a Marxist to see it that way, as the comments on that post I linked to make clear… I’m sure Gore and Cameron would be delighted to get the hoi polloi out of their favourite holiday resorts.

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