Republican Candidate Litmus Test

Mark Steyn argues special prosecutor Fitzgerald bears full responsibility for the Libby travesty. If so, Republicans should select a presidential contender who will neither forgive nor forget him.


In his closing remarks, Patrick Fitzgerald invited the jury to view a narrow perjury case as something epic: “What is this case about?” the special counsel mused. “Is it about something bigger?”

Fortunately, he was musing rhetorically, and he had the answer on hand: “There is a cloud over the Vice-President … There is a cloud over the White House.”

When a prosecutor speaks about “a cloud over the Vice-President’s office” and “a cloud over the White House,” he is speaking politically. There is no law about the amount of cumulus permitted over 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The prosecutor is speculating on political capital — reputation, credibility, the currency of politics. Once damaged, they’re hard to recover.

So, even if it’s not within the purview of the jury, his question is relevant to the wider world: How did this cloud get there and stay there even though it had no meaningful rainfall?

Answer: Patrick Fitzgerald.

Steyn is convincing – the judge was a typical Washington lefty, but if Fitzgerald hadn’t entrapped Libby, there’d have been no trial.

So to discourage future political-legal adventures, it’s desirable that Fitzgerald suffers for his sins by severe truncation of his career.

Which of the current GOP candidates is most likely to deliver?

McCain is cruel to his friends and kind to his enemies – he’d probably make Fitzgerald Attorney General. So he’s out of the running.

Romney is an unknown from the vengeance standpoint. But he doesn’t have the lean and hungry look of revengers I’ve known. So scratch him.

That leaves Rudy Giuliani – I’m sure all those rash enough to cross him have lived to deeply, deeply regret it.

On that basis, he’s the official DU candidate until further notice.

This is not entirely satirical – America will be much safer with a president who is content to be feared rather then loved, and a few enemy’s heads on spikes encourages the former.


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