The Degenerate Dems (Again)

March 13, 2007

Not to belabor the point, but don’t these folks give incompetence a bad name?

Hat tip Flopping Aces.


Noo! You’re Supposed To Kick Sand In The Jew’s Face!

March 13, 2007

Hamas Atlas

New recruits for Hamas security force throw sand in faces. (AP)

Greenfly (2)

March 13, 2007

The socialist Brit Tories are even dumber than their Democratic counterparts – their plan to cut Brit air travel needs a tax of thousands of pounds a trip, and will enrage the entire electorate and wreck the economy.

We’ve satirized the Tory plan to ration Brit air travel as Project Greenfly. Their rationale:

New taxes on air passengers will be offset by cuts in the amount of taxation paid by families, David Cameron, the Conservative leader, said today…

“What we have said is any green taxes we introduce will be offset by cutting taxes on families, or on business, one for one,”..

Since he wants to force Brits to fly less, his flight tax has to be high enough to achieve that – not just raise more tax. So what’s the level?

The easiest bunch of voters to dissuade are vacationing families on a tight budget. Doubling each of four £100 air tickets may be all that’s needed to force them to stay home – a Greenfly tax of £100/ticket.

Next come voters with second homes overseas:

About 400,000 voters own second homes abroad. On average, they make three visits per year to their properties, meaning they would be hit twice by the proposed tax.

What tax level makes them cut their annual visits to their vacation homes from three to two?

If their vacation home cost, say £100,000, one less visit means giving up a third of its present value – that’s £30,000 over perhaps 10 years – £3,000 a year. If the current air fare for a couple is £200, it’s hard to see them giving up a benefit of £3,000 until the Greenfly tax approaches that – £1,500 a ticket.

Finally, the UK is a trading nation, so much of its air travel is business. What air fares tax rate would force, say, Goldman Sachs’ UK managers, consultants and back office folks to cut flying by a third?

Since most multinationals have travel policies strictly limiting First Class travel, the tax would probably have to force Business fares up to First Class level – between £500 and £3,000 a person, depending on destination.

So the Tory Greenfly tax will need to be somewhere between £100 and £3,000.

But it’ll be impossible to have tax levels depend on why people travel – otherwise all the GS folks will pretend they’re flying on vacation! So that means setting the tax at the highest level – several thousand pounds a trip.

And that will shut down Brit leisure travel and cause an exodus of UK of companies that rely on international travel – banks, software outfits, consultancies etc.

So the UK will be poor, and the Tories toxic.


Democrat Early Learning

March 13, 2007

Congressional Democrats confirm they’re an intellectually weakened species – they only realized yesterday that the Mullahs plan another holocaust.

Our argument for the dilution of the Dem gene pool is confirmed by this news:

Top House Democrats retreated Monday from an attempt to limit President Bush’s authority for taking military action against Iran as the leadership concentrated on a looming confrontation with the White House over the Iraq war.

Officials said Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other members of the leadership had decided to strip from a major military spending bill a requirement for Bush to gain approval from Congress before moving against Iran.

Conservative Democrats as well as lawmakers concerned about the possible impact on Israel had argued for the change in strategy.

This is just the beginning of their education – Dems have still to learn that putting up taxes reduces growth and jobs; that much of the world hates America for what it is, not what it does; and that most Americans outside their base seek victory, not defeat.

Still, it’s a start!