Norway Joins The Caliphate

Norwegian “flexibility” with terrorists marks that nation’s accession to Eurabia.

The story (my ellipsis):

Hamas’s armed wing claimed responsibility for shooting an Israeli electrical worker near the Karni crossing on Monday…

Meanwhile, Norwegian Deputy Foreign Minister Raymond Johansen…met (the Hamas leader) on Monday morning, marking the country’s restoration of political and economic ties with the Palestinian government.

Norwegians have been supporting terrorism since last year (my ellipsis):

Norway’s Finance Minister Kristin Halvorsen is backing a planned consumer boycott of Israeli goods, contradicting the coalition government’s policy…

Ms Halvorsen voiced support for a campaign of solidarity with the Palestinians…

“It is a long time since I bought any Israeli products,” she told Norway’s Dagbladet newspaper.

The amoral Norwegians pontificate on Israeli security, confident the IDF “armed wing” won’t kill them. But their resident Muslim extremists will be energized to do just that.


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