Military Intelligence

March 20, 2007

Does exist, as demonstrated by the reduction of helicopter attrition in Iraq.

Some helos were lost to SA-16 missiles, almost certainly Iranian, but the majority were hit by heavy machine guns:

American troops in Iraq figured out how Iraqi terrorists had managed to ambush American helicopters with heavy machine-guns and get away with it.

The Iraqis had used trucks with the machine-gun mounted in the back, and a tarp over metal supports (a common feature of military trucks) to conceal the weapon.

The tarp was rigged so it could be quickly pulled aside, as well as the metal supports for the tarp. This enabled the heavy machine-gun to immediately open fire.

There were four of these trucks, and they roamed around areas that American helicopters were operating above.

But then the terrorists’ luck ran out:

One of these trucks was spotted, with its machine-gun revealed, by a UAV, after informants indicated that this was probably the weapon responsible. U.S. intelligence then analyzed video and other data they had, and put more UAVs over areas believed frequented by the trucks.

On the ground, intelligence operatives began beating the bushes for information on these mobile flak traps.

Soon the four trucks were identified and, one by one, destroyed with smart bombs.

Great job!


International Law

March 20, 2007

The following reports clarify any uncertainties you may have on this weighty topic.

The primary role of International Law is to protect mass murderers (my emphasis):

Saddam Hussein’s former vice-president has been hanged for crimes against humanity.

Taha Yassin Ramadan was convicted of issuing orders for the detention, torture and killing of 148 Shias from the town of Dujail after an attempt on Saddam’s life there in 1982…

Louise Arbour, The United Nations’ human rights chief, had urged Baghdad to spare Ramadan’s life, saying a death sentence would break international law.

And its secondary role is to criminalize Jews:

In its nine months of existence, the (UN Human Rights) Council has convened three special sessions, adopted five resolutions, and three decisions – all to condemn Israel.

Meanwhile there has been only one watered-down resolution on Darfur, which Sudan prevented from being fully implemented. Sudan has used the Council to claim that only 9,000 people have died in Darfur, instead of the hundreds of thousands experts believe have been slaughtered.

Now you know.

Getting Beyond A Joke

March 20, 2007


Thursday, 15 March 2007

Former US vice president Al Gore has praised both Gordon Brown and David Cameron for their “leadership” in dealing with environmental problems.

Mr Gore addressed the Conservative frontbench before a private meeting with Mr Cameron, and then talks with the chancellor.


Tuesday 20 March 2007

The winter that many of us never had suddenly arrived yesterday as snow and high winds brought travel problems while the freezing temperatures threatened to wipe out early blooms

Much of Britain had snow flurries yesterday, although the snow did not settle. Temperatures did not climb above 8C (46F) in the South and 1C (34F) on the north-west coast of Scotland.

Overnight frost was expected in Scotland but it should remain above freezing further south, but feeling cold in the northerly winds.