Casus Belli

March 23, 2007

Casus belli means incident of war, the unofficial declaration of war the Brits should now promulgate against the Mullahs.

The Mullahs are stuck on kidnapping. In 2004 they kidnapped 8 Brit soldiers from Iraqi waters, last year they orchestrated the kidnapping of 3 Israeli soldiers from its sovereign territory, and now they’ve taken 15 Brit prisoners from Iraqi waters.

The local Brit commander responded weakly (my ellipsis):

The Cornwall’s commander, Commodore Nick Lambert, said the frigate lost communication with the boarding party, but a helicopter crew saw the Iranian vessels approach.

“I’ve got 15 sailors and marines who have been arrested by the Iranians and my immediate concern is their safety,” Lambert told British Broadcasting Corp. television.

The phrase is “taken hostage”, not “arrested” – the Brits were in Iraqi waters working for the Iraqi government.

The Mullahs object to the coalition preventing them killing our troops:

Lieutenant Colonel Justin Maciejewski, the commanding officer at the UK base at Basra Palace, said the Iranians were arming and funding insurgents attacking British troops.

“Local sheikhs and tribal leaders here in Basra – who are desperate to prevent this violence escalating – are telling us that Iranian agents are paying up to 500 dollars a month for young Basrawi men to attack us.

They Mullahs are psychopaths, so unless we respond very firmly, they’ll keep on kidnapping and murdering. Psychopaths can be deterred, but need a much stronger negative response than normal people. Here are our suggestions for Tony Blair (Cameron should support him).

1. Declare a Casus belli against Iran – an unofficial declaration of war.

2. Flood the Shatt-al-Arab waterway with Brit ships and declare it a No Sail zone for Iran – on the same lines as the No Fly zone we used against Saddam.

3. If the troops aren’t returned immediately, destroy all Iranian military vessels in the waterway.

If this seems robust, consider the alternative – we allow them to continue to flout international law and, when they do serious harm, end up having to nuke them.