Once An Appeaser…

March 26, 2007

Blair’s appeasement of IRA murderers will reassure the Mullahs he’ll give them whatever they want.

In Northern Ireland:

The Democratic Unionist Party leader and the Sinn Fein president agreed a May 8 date for the restoration of the Stormont Assembly during the historic meeting, which should secure Tony Blair’s legacy in Northern Ireland.

Mr Paisley also promised that he would have regular meetings with Martin McGuinness, the former IRA commander and his Deputy First Minister in waiting, to discuss setting up the devolved institutions…

Mr Blair heralded the agreement as an important day “for the people and the history of these islands”.

“Everything we have done over the last ten years has been a preparation for this moment,” he said.

No doubt the doughty Mr Paisley was given a very large carrot to go along with this farce. But Sinn Fein’s president and his deputy are multiple murderers, and handing a British province over to a government including such people is a shameful act.

So the Mullahs won’t tremble at this huffing and puffing:

Prime Minister Tony Blair on Sunday called the Iranian seizure of 15 British sailors and marines “unjustified and wrong,” saying in his first remarks on the escalating confrontation that London saw it as a “very serious situation.”

The Mullahs have been taking hostages since 1979, and will correctly judge the absence of robust action by the Brits to mean they can treat their captives as they wish and still get rewarded.

In leaving the Mullahs unharmed, the world will suffer a second legacy of Blair’s appeasement:

…Iran has undertaken this latest military aggression while it is still a conventional military power. That means that Britain and the U.S. can still respond today with the confidence that they maintain military superiority.

That confidence will vanish the minute Iran achieves its goal of becoming a nuclear power. Who knows what the revolutionaries in Tehran will then be capable of.