Chechnya Now, Europe Tomorrow?

Putin continues to inflict horrors on Chechnya. Europe may be next.

Here’s a London Daily Telegraph embed with Putin’s forces, led by a turncoat warlord:

In an attempt to stem the steady trickle of Russian casualties, 11,000 of whom are estimated to have died since the second Chechen war erupted in 1999, Mr Putin has made Yamadayev his main battlefield commander….

We reached a bend in the river and before us lay the first signs of success: the corpses of four rebels scattered across the river bank.

Two appeared to have been finished off with a bullet to the back of the head. A third had blown himself up with his own grenade in an attempt to avoid capture.

The Yamadayevtsi, who often like to severe the heads of their dead victims, have a brutal reputation when it comes to prisoners. Human rights activists say captive rebels, as well as innocent civilians who run foul of the Eastern Battalion, are frequently sexually abused and then tortured to death.


Human Rights Watch said that its documentation of more than a hundred cases of torture, taken together with research conducted by leading Russian human rights groups, strongly suggests that torture in Chechnya is commonplace.

Human Rights Watch also said that this finding, together with de facto impunity for torturers, strongly suggests a widespread and systematic practice of torture in Chechnya.

The Muslim rebels in Chechya are not plaster saints, but Putin has destroyed their nation without a peep from the usual suspects – AP, Reuters, the EU, France, Germany, the Dems.

Putin has learned valuable lessons from this conflict – exclude reporters, destroy the towns, murder, rape, and torture. This may be the future for a Europe that won’t defend itself.


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