The War On Smart Kids From Poor Families

The Brit education system discriminates against smart poor kids, and Brit companies compensate by hiring smart immigrants from abroad. That’s dumb.

Brits used to send smart 11-year olds to “grammar” schools – I (along with my brothers and sister) went to one, in spite of coming from a poor blue collar family – my father, a coal miner at 15, had risen to be a master welder.

Grammar school was tough – my main competition was with a kid who at 15 won an Open Scholarship from Cambridge University to read mathematics (it’s very rare for 18 year olds to achieve that distinction). His father was a blue collar railway worker, and his mother a cleaner.

So I wasn’t surprised by a Tokyo University study found that between 1945 and 1990, 45% of all technical innovations worldwide came from the UK.

However the Labour Party has progressively eliminated grammar schools, and now the opposition Tories opposes them too (the Tory elite all went to the same private school). So bright kids from poor families suffer:

One of the top comprehensives in the country for exam results has been found guilty and fined for selecting hard-working pupils from good homes.

Lady Margaret, the Church of England girls’ school which was one of three considered by Tony Blair for his daughter, has also been censured for weighting admissions in favour of the brightest children.

The inquiry by the Local Government Ombudsman followed complaints from two families that their daughters had been unfairly denied places.

Pupils applying for places were assessed on a points system which awarded marks for such things as primary school references, the child’s attendance record and punctuality, and the extent of parental support.

The children were also asked to write a description of themselves and their family lives which Mr Redmond said was very likely to have favoured the more articulate family and more able child.

And so:

Britain’s most prestigious manufacturing firm has admitted that it is being forced to look overseas for talented graduates.

The boss of Rolls-Royce – a byword for excellence around the world – warned of the skills crisis in this country.

The company is already getting about a quarter of its annual intake of graduates from overseas, mainly America and Germany…

Since 1990, the Institute of Physics said…the number of people taking physics A-level has fallen nearly 40 per cent from 45,334 to 28,119.

A Rolls Royce managed by Germans and Americans won’t stay in the UK.


2 Responses to The War On Smart Kids From Poor Families

  1. dearieme says:

    The destruction of the good state schools was the most philistine government policy of the twentieth century.

  2. dearieme

    Right! And it’s disgusting to see Cameron’s Etonians continuing that policy into the 21st Century.

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