Women Soldiers And Islam

The Mullahs’ abuse of the kidnapped Brit should remind our military not to deploy women where Muslims can capture them.

Women warriors perform splendidly in combat – for example Sergeant Leigh Ann Hester’s attack into ambush. The problem arises when women are taken prisoner.

Muslim societies center on the abuse of women. That includes Muslim immigrants in our own societies – here’s Theodore Dalrymple on the French “youths” (yesterday smashing up the Gare do Nord):

The principal immediate attraction of Islam to young Muslims brought up in the West is actually the control and oppression of women.

After all, if you can be sultan of your own home, you need hardly look elsewhere for a sense of achievement or importance; this is hard luck on the women, of course, but it does give a clue as to what les jeunes were fighting for during France’s riots in autumn 2005.

They wanted extra-territoriality, as it were, free from the incursions of the French state, so that in their slums they could continue their one economic activity, drug-dealing, and their domination of women without interruption.

So placing a poorly defended Brit woman soldier within kidnapping distance of the Mullahs gave them a perfect target:

Her television performance, filmed in front of a floral curtain, was immediately called into question: the Foreign Office condemned the footage as unnacceptable and body language experts cast doubt on the sincerity of her words.

Of course the Mullahs’ kidnapping and display of all the Brit captives breaks the Geneva Convention. But Brit planners should have known that any woman captured would be a particular focus of abuse.

One hopes they’ve learned their lesson.


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