South Africa

March 30, 2007

Russia and Indonesia stopped the UN Security Council demanding the immediate return of the Brit hostages. South Africa joined these fear states and here’s why.

Russia is chief weapons supplier to Islamic terror and Indonesia is an Islamic hellhole, so they’re expected foes.

South Africa:

The Security Council’s statement was a watered-down version of a stronger draft sought by Britain to “deplore” Iranian actions and urge the immediate release of the prisoners, primarily because Russia and South Africa opposed putting blame on the Tehran regime, diplomats said.

Here’s what has happened to this once proud nation.

Its population is about 45 million, but falling in spite of immigration. That’s because of its very high HIV death rate – 5th highest in the world – about 21.5% of South African adults have AIDS.

Life expectancy at birth is about 43 years – about the same as England’s in medieval times.

It has the second highest per capita murder rate in the world – about 22,000 annually. Oddly, it doesn’t seem to execute its killers.

It’s only a tad less corrupt than Greece.

Probably in consequence of the above, its economy is smaller than the Netherlands, and – perhaps coincidentally – about the same size as Iran’s.

Unemployment is 25.5% and half of its people live below the poverty line.

These stats show South Africa is converging on Russia, which also has a very high murder rate, low life expectancy (caused by Vodka, not HIV), declining population and high corruption. So it’s hardly surprising the South African elite should line up with Putin against the Brits.

Meanwhile South Africa’s peoples are suffering and it’ll get a lot worse.

So Brits should refrain from any retribution that heaps more agony on this collapsing nation.

Still, they’d be wise not to vacation or invest there.

UPDATE March 31, 2007

My attention has been drawn to a further confirmation of the convergence between South Africa and Russia – they both have oligarchs:

Conspiracists noted that Mbeki was a Xhosa, and that various members of what we call the ‘Xhosa nostra’ had become billionaires as a result of their political connections, whereas Zuma’s allegedly improper payments were limited to a trifling £100,000.