Busting Iran (2)

National Review has some helpful suggestions to the Brits that would pull a small victory from the jaws of defeat.

It should begin by making sure the captives repudiate their confessions and denounce their captors once they’re back home. We don’t need to hear how nice the food is in Tehran.

Next, Britain should have the 15 demand compensation for their illegal capture and treatment.

It must send an absolutely unambiguous message that its sailors and marines were never in Iranian waters, and that it has made no concessions concerning the location of the border. (Sending some patrol missions back to the area, backed up by overwhelming firepower, would punctuate the point nicely.)

The U.S., for its part, must hold the five Iranian agents it captured in Iraq for a long time, lest it appear that there has been a swap.

Too late to stop the “diplomat” scuttling to safety, but better than nothing.


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