Chinese ASATs

The Pentagon thinks the Chinese despots will be able to blind the US by 2010 – that can only be to cover an attack on Taiwan.

The Chinese Anti Satellite (ASAT) program:

Pentagon officials said intelligence estimates indicate that China will have produced enough satellite interceptors by 2010 to destroy most U.S. low-earth orbit satellites.

…the anti-satellite weapons programs…include(s) ground-based lasers and electronic jammers that — if used against both military and civilian satellites — would severely damage U.S. government and society.

As previously noted, lasers are easily defeated. Electronic jammers won’t work either – intel satellites send their data to communications satellites, which narrowcast down to the US.

But rockets with warheads will do the trick for low orbit intel satellites. Spare satellites and a quick launch capability provides a partial counter, but with low orbit full of debris, the replacements may not survive long. The best counter is to deploy lots of UAVs

The GPS system should be safe – its 24 satellites orbit over 10,000 miles high. Still, if I was a Chinese despot, I’d be working on taking these down, since that would create huge problems for the US military.

Anyway, now the US and Taiwanese planners have 2010 as the earliest invasion date.


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