There’s Something Wrong With Our Bloody Navy

To paraphrase Admiral Beatty during the battle of Jutland.

The hostages have now given their stories, and it’s clear the entire operation was a farce – the boarding party’s covering helo vanished; when they saw armed Iranian boats approaching they abandoned the high ground (the cargo ship they’d boarded) and headed for their little boats. But since these were indefensible, they were promptly obliged to surrender.

They describe Iranian “ill treatment” milder than I experienced as a 14 year-old cadet. They complain wily Iranians edited out the qualifications they carefully inserted in their “confessions”.

So it was a cock up – unsupported kids who seem never to have fired a shot in anger and had no training in resisting interrogation were taken by surprise.

Their entire RN command chain should do the decent thing and resign – but shows no sign of doing so.

There’s a grim glimpse into current Brit military thinking on this unofficial Forum (hat tip UK Daily Pundit) in which a US marine politely asks about the Brit Military Code of Conduct, and quotes the current US version.

Most of the Brit responses to him are incoherent and many are anti-American and abusive – here’s the worst:

I think that usmarine is probably aged between 8 and 15 years old. The US Marines make a big deal about using capital letters, that and the wording in both of his posts scream “I wanna be a Marine when I grow up!”

If the Brit Navy really is this ignorant and irrational, the money spent on it is better returned to taxpayers.


2 Responses to There’s Something Wrong With Our Bloody Navy

  1. Jay says:

    Geez, I just skimmed over the posts there. Definitely not the sort of place to have a reasoned conversation, they just couldn’t get over that “we’re not at war” kick. They were “arrested” not captured? Talk about a denial of reality. Technically, I don’t believe we were “at war” in Korea or Viet Nam either, so I suppose they’d say the Code of Conduct wouldn’t apply there either. The USS Pueblo? Of course not.

    There was at least one bright bulb there tho who pointed out Iranians were killing our troops in Iraq so to him that was close enough to being at war.

  2. gandalf says:


    Sobering, indeed!

    And none of them note that we’re not actually at war with anyone in Iraq – but our soldiers are still fighting and being killed.

    I suspect the posters are mostly bureaucrats – what Brits call “jobsworths” (as in “I’d like to do the right thing, but it’s more than my job’s worth”)

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