Easter Puzzle

Readers suffering from Easter egg stupefaction are invited to hone their wits by analyzing the following.

….John Salt of University College London, an expert on migration and an adviser to the OECD and the European Union…says:

“The evidence suggests that migration flows are tending towards a deskilling of the UK labour market, which is gaining manual and clerical workers but losing professionals and managers.”

….Between 2000 and 2005, a net total of 272,000 Britons emigrated, while a net total of 639,000 non-Britons moved to the UK.

Findings from the Government’s international passenger survey, cited by Prof Salt, show that in 2005, 34 per cent of immigrants were professionals or managers before entering Britain, 29 per cent were in lower-grade jobs while 37 per cent were not in work.

By contrast, 42 per cent of emigrants were professionals or managers, 25 per cent were in other jobs and 33 per cent were not in work – often because they were retired.




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