Scrap The Bloody Navy

This behavior of the hostages reveals the Royal Navy and it masters in the MOD to be incompetent, dishonorable and craven. It adds not a jot to Brit security and should be scrapped.

The shame:

The decision by the Ministry of Defence to allow the 15 British military captives who were released by the Iranians to sell their stories has been met with anger and criticism…

One of the hostages, Dean Harris, 30, an acting sergeant in the Royal Marines, told a Sunday Times reporter yesterday: “I want £70,000. That is based on what the others have told me they have been offered. I know Faye has been offered a heck more than that. I am worth it because I was one of only two who didn’t crack.”

John Tindell, the father of Joe Tindell, another of the hostages, said his son had turned down an offer of £10,000. “The MoD said if you want to earn money you are free to go out and do it. I was a bit surprised. The MoD said to the marines, ‘Go out there, tell the truth and make the money’.”

These marines and sailors fought poorly and behaved disgracefully in captivity, so I doubt they’ll tell the truth. But they will make money.

Their behavior disgraces them and their mentors in the MOD (the Brit Ministry of Defense – same as the DoD).

The MOD is the outfit that’s been persecuting Brit soldiers fighting in Iraq, but its infamy goes back a long way:

Up to 1990, the armed forces had a policy of dismissing pregnant servicewomen. In 1991, the MOD conceded that this policy was sexually discriminatory.

Prior to 1990, all women joining the armed forces had voluntarily signed agreements to leave if they became pregnant. That was for obvious operational reasons.

However one subsequently to sued the MOD for sexual discrimination. It caved and paid her compensation of hundreds of thousands of pounds – much more than the MOD paid to mutilated ex-soldiers.

An Army friend told us that the MOD then contacted all women who had resigned on grounds of pregnancy and invited them to claim compensation. A flood of six figure compensation settlements followed

This caused much public outrage, and some of these women were spat at in the street.

Few Brits will be proud of these hostages, but, like me, may have been inclined to forgive them for their moral weaknesses – they’re only kids.

But now it’s clear the rot extends right into the head.

In my experience, institutions that are rotten at the top can be fixed by changing out the management. And those with pockets of rot at the bottom can be cured by removing those parts.

But organizations that are rotten from top to bottom can’t be fixed.

So the MOD and Royal Navy should be scrapped, and the money saved spent on the other armed forces.


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