Hope Triumphs Over Experience

This administration is making the same mistake as its predecessor – trusting the North Korean tyrant.

North Korea is an Orwellian genocidal state that has killed about 3.6 million people since it was formed in 1948. Up to 1987 it killed about 1.6 million (see chapter 15, here), and in the 1990s starved to death between 600,000 and 3.5 million (say 2 million), the dictator preferring to spend 25% of GNP on weapons.

1% of its land area is taken up with concentration camps and:

North Korean exiles have testified as to the existence of detention camps with an estimated 150,000 to 200,000 inmates, and have reported torture, starvation, rape, murder and forced labour.

In some of the camps, US officials and former inmates say the annual mortality rate approaches 20% to 25%.

That’s the rate at which the Japanese killed our PoWs in their concentration camps, and in also in Japanese fashion the North Koreans murdered thousands of our Korean War PoWs.

In 1994, the Clinton administration, alarmed at this regime building nukes negotiated the Agreed Framework:

…North Korea explicitly agreed to freeze plutonium programs (specifically, its graphite “graphite moderated reactors and related facilities.” The agreement also committed North Korea to implement the the Joint Declaration on the Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, in which both Koreas committed not to have enrichment or reprocessing facilities.

As we know from their fizzle, they broke that agreement.

But now (my sequencing):

The Bush administration, reversing a six-year-old North Korea policy based on deep mistrust, said it will now rely on Pyongyang’s “good faith” to ensure that funds released yesterday from a Macao bank are not misused.

Washington argued it had met its obligation when the Treasury Department barred American banks from doing business with Macao’s Banco Delta Asia on March 14, but North Korea refused to shut the reactor until it received access to its funds.

With time running out on a breakthrough nuclear accord, the United States said it had removed the final roadblock by agreeing for $25 million in Banco Delta Asia to be released to its depositors, principally the North Korean government…The United States charges that the North Korean funds include the proceeds of counterfeiting and money laundering.

So, the killer gets the cash from forging US currency.

But now there’s a slight problem:

Experts now say it may not be possible to safely close the reactor by Saturday, suggesting the deadline may have to be extended.. .

Christopher Hill, the chief U.S. nuclear negotiator, said yesterday in Seoul that the release of the funds “should clear the way for the [North] to step up the process of dealing with its obligations within the 60-day period.”

The US negotiators are either fools or knaves – there is zero chance this odious regime will honor its promises.

There are 3.6 million dead to testify to that.


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