Measure A Man By His Enemies

The World Bank’s hatchet job on Wolfowitz confirms that body – like all other international agencies – is corrupt. It also explains why State is so useless.


Since Thursday, the 24-member board of directors of the (World Bank) – the world’s largest and most influential anti-poverty institution — has been locked in meetings that might decide whether to censure or sanction Wolfowitz — or even demand his resignation.

The issue: whether Wolfowitz broke or bent bank rules in 2005 to enable a large salary hike for his girlfriend, a longtime bank staffer…

Amid the controversy, calls for his resignation have come from the bank’s staff association – which makes up half the bank’s 10,000 employees – as well as from anti-poverty organizations, former bank officials, and even the editorial board of the Financial Times.

Those 10,000 employees, mostly in Washington, are ridiculously excessive – Goldman Sachs runs a vastly more complex business worldwide with 26, 500 people. And the Financial Times – which famously prints on pink paper – is a statist rag (I allow Ad Hominem at weekends).

The board sitting in judgment has, as well as reps from the US, UK, Germany, France and Japan, 20 from such bastions of decency as Russia, China, Pakistan, Turkey, Colombia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Burundi and Bangladesh.

From which we may conclude that this is a setup, as confirmed by the rest of the news report.

But one question among many was whether the alleged scandal had become a way to push back at Wolfowitz, who had angered many insiders, including board members, with his aggressive campaign to cut back on corruption at the $20 billion-per-year-year lending institution.

Many of those most irked at Wolfowitz’s tough stance were sitting on the board that is now judging his actions.

We must hope Wolfkowitz prevails.

Here’s the other nugget (my ellipsis and emphasis):

he helped to arrange (his girlfriend’s) transfer to the U.S. State Department to avoid a conflict of interest. Her net wages jumped from $132,660 to $193,590 by 2006, which made her – by far — the highest paid person at the State Dept.

For Brit readers that’s about £100,000, a salary any top-flight negotiator should expect to earn. If nobody in State comes close, that explains why they’re so pathetic:

The deadline for North Korea to shut down its main nuclear reactor passed Saturday with no action taken by the communist country, leaving the top U.S. nuclear negotiator to surmise that the momentum had escaped disarmament talks…

“We don’t have a lot of momentum right now. That is for sure,” U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill told reporters.

An Iranian nuke to detonating over Washington will rebuild State’s “momentum”.


2 Responses to Measure A Man By His Enemies

  1. dearieme says:

    He may, or may not, have passed the test of behaving legally, but he failed the (perhaps old-fashioned) test of behaving properly. P.S. why do we have a “World Bank”?

  2. gandalf says:


    Maybe, but I particularly like the way the lefties swing into sexual politics when it suits them.

    Judged on performance, we don’t need a World Bank, and my bet is the next – or next but one – US administration will be isolationist, so will pull the plug on all these fat cats.

    There’s a good review here:

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