Muslim Genetics (3)

Turns out Muslim doctors know of, and seek to avoid, the genetic damage caused by cousin marriage.

Posts here, here, and here suggested the brutality and incompetence of Muslim societies might be genetic in origin. That’s counter-intuitive, because Muslims come from many different races, from Indonesian through African and Arab to Persian.

But they all share the uniquely Muslim practice of cousin marriage. That will tend to concentrate defects in the population in the same way that a similar practice in European royalty is said to have concentrated a tendency to hemophilia.

The confirmation comes from a review of this book in the April 7 edition of the Brit Spectator. The book relates the experience of two Englishwomen who were married to Iraqis and lived through the past 28 years in Iraq.

Here’s the experience of one of them (unfortunately this isn’t accessible on line):

…Pauline’s husband was a British educated doctor…(on moving to Iraq) she might as well have moved to Neptune.

Food, dress, language and, above all, family life were wholly different.

“The tradition of marrying in the family had been unbroken for more generations than could be counted back.”

Pauline’s doctor husband saw plainly the genetic results – blood and muscular disorders, mental retardation, learning difficulties – of generational cousin marriage, and “never intended to marry in”.

This validates our thesis quite well, and suggests that as Muslims “marry out”, like Pauline’s sensible doctor husband, the competence and self-control of the Muslim populations will rise.

And that’s a very strong argument for banning segregated Muslim schools.

UPDATE April 17

Added link to the referenced book.


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