Appeasement Produces Expected Results

State’s appeasement of NoKo has predictably encouraged it to switch to other forms of blackmail. That’s selling Iran bomb test data and the missiles it needs to hit the US.

The report:

Iran and North Korea have appointed high-level delegations to deepen co-operation between the two countries on nuclear weapons technology, according to diplomatic sources in Beijing.

The countries are keen to seal a deal before North Korea starts to close its controversial Yongbyon reactor under the terms of an agreement with the United States and regional powers in February…

Iran has taken advantage of the delay to intensify attempts to negotiate a deal that would give Teheran access to the nuclear expertise North Korea acquired during last year’s atom bomb test.

Iranian scientists have already been invited to Pyongyang to study data collected from the test…

Senior officials from Aerospace Industries Organisation of Iran, which is responsible for the development of a ballistic missile programme, have also attended the talks.

Iran’s Shahab-3 missile is based on North Korea’s Nodong ballistic missiles and Teheran is also keen to maintain the existing co-operation between the two countries on the development of long-range missiles.

Iran will get the test data from the NoKo fizzle, and probably the TD-2B and C.


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