The Abortion Litmus Test

The Supreme’s partial birth abortion ruling and the Dem reaction confirm the depravity of the the left. Meanwhile, developments in the UK suggest that nation is – unusually – morally in advance of the US.

Partial birth abortion:

The procedure at issue involves partially removing the fetus intact from a woman’s uterus, then crushing or cutting its skull to complete the abortion.

It’s not a way of saving mothers’ lives (my ellipsis):

…(the) executive director of the National Coalition of Abortion Providers, an association of hundreds of abortion providers, said in 1997 that “in the vast majority of cases” the method is used on “a healthy mother with a healthy fetus that is 20 weeks or more along”.

The left responds:

  • 4 Supremes’s think partial birth abortion is OK: Ginsburg, Breyer, Souter, and Stevens.
  • Clinton thinks partial birth abortion is OK
  • Obama thinks partial birth abortion is OK
  • Edwards thinks partial birth abortion is OK.

That confirms P J O’Rourke’s caricature of socialists as being pro-killing babies while anti-killing convicted murderers.

In the UK, no baby can be aborted past 24 weeks except in very extreme circumstances, and there’s a vigorous debate about reducing that now that some babies can survive and thrive at earlier birth dates.

Otherwise the UK provides state-financed abortion on demand.

However, many Brit doctors are voting with their feet:

An increasing number of doctors are refusing to carry out abortions despite a surge in demand, the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists said yesterday.

Abortions levels have reached record levels in England and Wales, with more than 190,000 terminations carried out every year…

Kate Guthrie, an RCOG member who regularly performs terminations as head of the abortion service in Hull, said an increasing number of junior doctors were reluctant to train in the area. A cut in their working hours had worsened the problem because it meant less time to train in all areas of the NHS.

“We have always had conscientious objectors, but more doctors now are just wanting to do something different and don’t see abortion care as attractive.

With the universal availability of 100% effective contraception, the moral case for forcing doctors to break their Hippocratic oath has vanished.


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