Why Revolutions Need Professional Help

Here’s a good example of what happens when the professionals don’t get involved in revolutions.

The Kings Troop of the Royal Horse Artillery provides the guns that salute the Sovereign, and I encountered it this morning on the slopes of London’s Primrose Hill.

They’re a splendid and uplifting sight – a solid mass of horses, guns, limbers, and khaki-clad soldiers.

There were surrounded by heavy security – although it was touching to see the cops let small kids approach the dismounted troops and pat the horses (small girls) or the guns (small boys).

The British army needs police protection because of this atrocity 25 years ago (my ellipsis):

The Hyde Park and Regents Park Bombings occurred on July 20 1982.

The first attack was a large nail bomb hidden in a blue car parked on the mall in Hyde Park, along the route used by the Household Cavalry, the Queen’s official bodyguard regiment during the famous Changing of the Guard between Buckingham Palace and Knightsbridge.

Three ceremonially uniformed soldiers of the Blues and Royals were killed instantly, and another died…from his injuries. The other soldiers in the procession were all badly wounded and shrapnel and nails sprayed into the crowd of tourists assembled to watch the parade, causing further injuries.

Seven of the regiment’s horses were also killed or had to be put down because of their injuries.

The second explosion occurred almost simultaneously, when a bomb hidden underneath the bandstand in Regent’s Park exploded during a performance of the music from Oliver by the Royal Green Jackets band to a crowd of 120 people.

Here too, the crowd was peppered by shrapnel from the iron bandstand, causing dozens of injuries amongst the audience, as well as killing or wounding the entire band.

…much of what happened was caught on camera and replayed round the world, with shocking scenes of dead men and horses heaped in London’s Hyde Park.

The Provisional IRA was at that time financed by Qaddafi, but he went quiet when the US almost killed him.

By the early 90s, the Brit Army had the IRA defeated. But then Clinton was elected, and he began to provide the killers with top cover – initially political, then financial.

The guy that runs the organization that committed this atrocity is now, courtesy Clinton and Blair, a member of the British Parliament (which he declines to attend) and the effective ruler of the Brits in Northern Ireland.

This happened because the resistance of the Northern Irish Brits was limited to its working class, and they were retail killers.

Winning the war required the Irish Republic be forced to stop supporting the IRA, and a mass bombing campaign in Dublin would have achieved that, at the cost of innocent lives.

But such a campaign needed help from engineers and chemists, and these professionals sat the conflict out.

And treason prospered.


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