EU Lessons In Democracy

The Portuguese gent who runs the EU says Brits don’t get to vote on ceding more powers to the EU, because the Brit Parliament is supreme.

So when the Brits elect a government reflecting their dislike of the EU, and it withdraws, the EU will just accept it.

The Portuguese, based on his nation’s 30 years experience of democracy:

“I am astonished that people in the UK think that ratification by Parliament is ratification by the back door,” he said.

“Your Parliament is not the equivalent of a back door – it is the mother of all Parliaments. This is the country which invented Parliamentary democracy. You cut off your King’s head to establish the sovereignty of Parliament.

“To say your Parliament is the back door is to say it is not representative – and I have to say, I personally find that rather incredible.”

Mind you, the beheading was 358 years ago, and we’ve improved the model since then, for example adopting the rule that no Parliament can bind its successors. And Brits don’t like the EU:

A new poll has found that 69 per cent of Britons would like to vote on the proposal that the UK should have a looser relationship with Europe, maintaining free trade and co-operation on common policies, but opting out of political and economic integration.

Only 27 per cent said they wanted the UK to stay a full European Union member on current terms, participating in further integration, according to the ICM survey for the Centre for Policy Studies.

Asked to chose their “ideal relationship”, 36 per cent said that the UK should have a looser arrangement with Europe and 29 per cent said the UK should withdraw from the EU altogether. Asked whether there should be a referendum on loosening ties, 69 per cent said yes and 22 per cent said no.

Sometime soon the Brits will elect a Parliament that does what they want, and cut the ties.

It’s good to hear the EU won’t make a fuss.


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