A Brit Victory

Today’s conviction of 5 intended mass murderers shows Brit security in good shape – the Security Service did a great job, and vigilant citizens alerted the cops.

The leader of a British al Qa’eda cell has been jailed for at least 20 years for plotting a bombing campaign to rival the September 11 terror attacks…

Omar Khyam was an associate of July 7 plot ringleader Mohammed Sidique Khan and boasted of taking orders from al Qa’eda chief Abdul Hadi, number three in the terror organisation.

Khyam, 25, and four others were found guilty of conspiracy to cause explosions today following a record-breaking year-long trial at the Old Bailey.

His four co-accused were also given life sentences for their part in the terror plot and warned that they may spend the rest of their lives in jail…

Although the…gang was under surveillance, police only became aware that they had stored 600kg of fertiliser when Emma Wallis, a worker at Access Self-Storage in Hanwell, North West London was chatting to her boyfriend at a pub…

The couple were talking about unusual items stored in the lock-up and he told her that fertiliser could be used for explosives, persuading her to contact the police.

It would be nice if the organizations claiming to represent Brit Muslims were to offer their thanks to Ms Wallis and her boyfriend – but based on this example from LGF, Brits should not hold their breaths (my ellipsis):

…here’s video of Abu Izzadeen speaking inside the Regent’s Park Mosque, followed by MPACUK’s (Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK) reaction to his arrest.


2 Responses to A Brit Victory

  1. Jay says:

    But wil he *do* 20 years?

  2. gandalf says:


    Probably – the judge specified that as a minimum, and added:

    “All of you may never be released. It is not a foregone conclusion.”

    Of course the Euros might jump in and get the guys off the hook.

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