Weather Records

Global Warmers howl every time a record temperature is observed, and the more sophisticated Climate Changers howl at any extreme. But, as you’d expect, things are not getting worse.

Example howl:

April was the hottest in 350 years, the winter of 2006-07 was the second warmest on record, and last autumn was the hottest recorded, while July 2006 was the UK’s hottest ever month.

“The probability of the kind of hot summer that we had in 2003 and 2006 is about one in eight,” said a spokesman for the Met Office.

Hat tip, here are the years in which the highest and second highest mean monthly temperatures were measured in Central England since records began in 1659 (you need to navigate to Monthly_ranked_HadCET_mean).

I don’t know if they’re corrected for urban sprawl (which makes later measurements hotter due to the Urban Heat Island Effect).

Month Hottest Year Temp (C) Second Hottest Year Temp (C)
January 1916 7.5 1796 7.3
February 1779 7.9 1869 7.5
March 1957 9.2 1938 9.1
April 2007 11.1 (provisional) 1865 10.6
May 1833 15.1 1848 13.9
June 1846 18.2 1676 18.0
July 2006 19.7 1983 19.5
August 1995 19.2 1997 18.9
September 2006 16.8 1729 16.6
October 2001 13.3 2005 13.1
November 1994 10.1 1818 9.5
December 1934 8.1 1974 8.1

We’re clearly all doomed.


4 Responses to Weather Records

  1. dearieme says:

    The Central England Temperature record is, IIRC, largely a reconstruction, not a set of measurements.

  2. gandalf says:



    The authors start by saying they use actuals:

    The HadCET data sets consist of daily, monthly and seasonal temperature actuals, computed from HadCET stations, which are currently Rothamsted, Pershore and Stonyhurst.

    But then add:

    The data is then adjusted to ensure consistency with the historical series.

    I hope the adjustments merely allow for measurement points changing over 350 years.

    So not only are the Climate Change folks trying to model a coupled non-linear chaotic system (according to the IPCC), but the datasets they feed their models are adjusted!

  3. dearieme says:

    Och, I’m not supporting the mad bastard Global Warmer careerists – oops, self-denying dedicated searchers after truth.

  4. gandalf says:


    Thank goodness it’s my paranoia – thought they might have got to you!

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