Dems For Putin

Congressional Democrats are very free with their favors – as well as frolicking with the Syrian dictator and smooching with the Mullahs, they’ve jumped in to bed with Comrade Putin!

The body in question is the House Armed Services strategic forces subcommittee, and here’s their gift to Putin (and the Mullahs, of course) (my ellipsis):

Led by Rep. Ellen Tauscher (D, California), the Armed Services strategic forces subcommittee cut $1.3 billion from the $52.7 billion President George W. Bush requested for nuclear weapons, space and missile defense programs for 2008…

Among the cuts: $400 million of the $517 million requested for the Airborne Laser program and $160 million from missile defenses to be installed in Europe. Bush had requested about $300 million…

Tauscher said the nation needs a missile defense system, “one that works,” and she ridiculed the program’s testing regimen.

“I wish when I was in school that I could have made up the test, given myself the test and then graded it,” she said.

She’s an frugal woman – her way, the system gets tested for free by the first Iranian volley!

It’ll be headed for her neighborhood, so she must be very confident it’ll work.


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