We Must Support Secular Turkey

Turkey is the only secular Islamic state, so provides the only model for the development of peaceful and prosperous Islamic nations. So the West must support it, not second guess it.

The current political situation in Turkey is – quite properly – Byzantine, and it’s a possible the Army might intervene (as it has in the past) to stop Islam seeping in to the state.

Intervention would by far be the lesser of two evils, as confirmed by the always-wrong EU:

The European Union warned the Turkish military yesterday that its interference in the country’s politics could jeopardise its chances of joining the EU.

“The EU is founded on the principles of liberty, democracy, respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, the rule of law, and the supremacy of democratic civilian power over the military,” Olli Rehn, the EU enlargement commissioner, said in a statement.

The corrupt EU’s commitment to democracy is zero – when the Austrians elected a right wing government in 2000 (my emphasis):

…(the) Freedom Party sparked off the seven-month EU blockade of Austria when it entered government in February.

And today the EU is sneaking its rejected Constitution into EU law, in contravention of the democratic decisions of the French and Dutch peoples.

So Turkey, even with the odd coup, is much more democratic than the EU, and infinitely more democratic than the EU’s favorites, the fear states of China, Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Turkey is also an estimable state. Led by the great Kemal Ataturk, it pulled itself together from the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, despoliation and defeat during WW1, and subsequent occupation and ethnic cleansing.

Now this nation of over 70 million, in an area about the size of Texas, has a per-capita GNP above the supposedly rich petro-states of Mexico and Iran. But Turkey is much healthier since it exports no oil – just things it grows and makes.

My grandfather fought the Turks and considered them the best of men – braver, more tenacious, and more disciplined than the Germans.

Probably because it’s democratic and secular, Turkey is less corrupt than the other large Islamic nations – it’s CPI is 3.9, better than EU member Poland, and US neighbor Mexico.

If the coalition leaves Iraq within a country mile of the freedom and prosperity of Turkey, it will properly consider itself to have achieved a great victory for the future of the Islamic and non-Islamic peoples.

Of course we can disagree with some Turkish policies, notably its refusal to provide us with bases for Iraqi Freedom. But, unlike the Democratic Party, they don’t support our enemies or facilitate the killing of our soldiers.

And if Turkey becomes another Islamic hellhole, we face war without end.

Accordingly, the US and UK should provide Turkey with whatever it needs to stay true to Kemal Ataturk’s legacy.


3 Responses to We Must Support Secular Turkey

  1. Sadettin says:

    Dear Depleted Uranium,

    I want to thank you for showing a double standart example out of thousands of EU. Here in Turkey, we are all tired of EU’s prejudiced criticism. And believe me, nowadays EU’s credibilty is below zero in Turkey.

  2. gandalf says:


    I’m glad that the Turkish people see through the EU’s hypocrisy and cynicism.

    Turkey deserves much better treatment than it’s getting from Brussels.

  3. Why anyone, in their right mind, would want to join the EU VOLUNTARILY is beyond me anyway …

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