Pot Call Kettle Black

A Chinese newspaper says the Virginia Tech massacre was caused by an excessive US tendency to kill people. Actually, the Chinese state beats the US handily in the killing stakes.

China Youth Daily, published by the Communist Youth League, called on the United States to reflect on the popularity of “violent social culture” and “competition in America as law of the jungle.”

It’s the law of the jungle, Chinese Youth League idiot!

For Chinese Youth League readers, here are numbers – from R J Rummel’s authoritative Death by Government:

Event Years Deaths Annual Rate %
Virginia Tech 2007 32 0.0001
People’s Republic of China 1949-87 35,236,000 0.12

Note 1: Annual Rate % is annual percentage of population murdered by Chinese state or American nutter.

Note 2: PRC numbers only available to 1987, so exclude Tienanmen Square massacre.

Hence to catch up with Chinese state in mass killing, US nutters must stage 12,000 Virginia Tech massacres every year for each of next 38 years.

And then run over a few thousand protesters with tanks.


One Response to Pot Call Kettle Black

  1. Bill K. says:

    The Black Book of Communism by Courtois, Werth et al estimates 65 million deaths by communist policies in China. Mao the Unknown Story by Jung Chang and Jon Halladay estimates that 70 million perished under Mao’s reign of terror.

    Next to Mao’s mass murder spree the Virginia Tech murders are insignificant.

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