Reports of French Alliance Are Premature

Brit, US and Israeli media are greeting Nicolas Sarkozy as a new member of the coalition. That’s unrealistic, and although he doesn’t share Chirac’s hostility for Anglos, he won’t support us. That’s because he’s French.

The celebrators are here, here, here, and (half-heartedly) here.

This amusing book has a time traveler visiting Victorian England from a future in which cats are extinct. He’s delighted to meet one, but complains to his Victorian hosts that it refuses to obey his commands. “Of course not!”, they chorus, “it’s a cat!”.

So it is with Nicolas Sarkozy – he’s French.

Being French is quite different from being a national of the Anglosphere. We can move freely between 6 or so wealthy but distinct nations that share the same language, history, legal systems, nursery rhymes etc, and are packed with long lost relatives – and that brings with it an open outlook to the world.

If you’re French, France is as good as it gets, so insularity is automatic.

Here are some of Sarkozy’s policies that will make him unpopular with us.

1. He’s a Global Warmener

…a great nation like the United States has the duty to not obstruct the fight against global warming but, on the contrary, to head this struggle because what is at stake is the future of all humanity.

France is the world’s leading user of nuclear power, getting 78% of it electricity from 58 power plants, and he’s leveraging that strength against the coal and oil fired US.

2. He’s a Protectionist

He also told fellow European leaders that he expected them to join him in making the EU more protective. “It must not be the Trojan horse for globalisation’s ills,” he said.

That’s entirely because he’s an insular French person.

3. He Supports the Rejected EU Constitution

In some European capitals, Sarkozy’s victory inspired hope that he might lend a decisive hand to efforts to salvage the European Union’s hopes of greater integration, largely on hold since French and Dutch voters rejected a proposed EU constitution in 2005.

Biting the hand that feeds/liberates/elects you is a French specialty.

4. He Won’t Fight Alongside Us

Nicolas Sarkozy s’est prononcé pour un retrait des soldats français d’Afghanistan.


Nicolas Sarkozy…(said) that the United States must prepare a timetable for withdrawing from Iraq as this is the “only solution” to the ongoing crisis in that country.

Cheese, anyone?

5. He Won’t Let Turkey Into the EU

…Nicolas Sarkozy has repeated his firm opposition to Turkey’s aspirations to join the European Union, saying that Turkey is not a part of Europe.

So because France has made a mess of integrating its Muslim immigrants, rather than fix that problem, he wants to turn the faucet off and hope the problem goes away.

That makes it more likely Turkey will become an Islamic hellhole – last time that happened they almost took Vienna.


So France is likely to stay obnoxious.

Still, the good news is Sarkozy has a decent chance of fixing its internal problems, and stronger France would be good.

I think.


4 Responses to Reports of French Alliance Are Premature

  1. […] UPDATE: In VERY sharp contrast, Depleted Uranium suggests a serious dose of reality is in order.  Why?  Well, for one thing because President Sarkozy is, of course, French. […]

  2. I would wait with all the conclusions till the so-called “third round of the presidentials”! 🙂

  3. gandalf says:


    Good point – the French voters may (sensibly) decide to divide and rule their rulers!

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