Sharia Law In The UK

This is the most disgraceful development, and for both legal and practical reasons, the Brits should immediately deport the perpetrators.

The story, hat tip UK Daily Pundit:

Muslim radicals have established their own draconian court systems in Britain.

Controversial Sharia courts have been set up in major towns and cities to impose Islamic law and enable Muslims to shun the legitimate British legal system.

Last night religious leaders and politicians expressed outrage that Sharia law is gaining an increasing foothold in our society…

Non-Muslims are excluded from the secretive court which is registered as a charity to receive British tax benefits.
Although the court has no official legal standing, scales of justice adorn a sign outside a former pub building which has been converted by the Islamic Institute of Great Britain.

The operation is headed by prominent scholar Sheikh Yaqub Munshi…

Sheikh Yaqub admitted that in­troducing Sharia law into the UK has been his goal since moving to Britain from Paki­stan in the 1960s.

But he insisted its main aim is to help repressed women who are trapped in bad or violent marriages and who dare not use British law.

That’s tosh – Sharia Law treats women as property.

These courts are illegal, since they flout the laws imposed by Parliament.

They also condemn those forced to use them to the incompetence and poverty that afflicts all Muslim-ruled nations. That’s because British law is the basis of our freedoms, and our freedoms are the basis of our wealth and creativity.

British law has developed over 2,000 years, from Roman law, through Alfred, the Normans, the Magna Carta, the Civil War, the Glorious Revolution and the Rights of Man, and the great Victorian reforms, culminating in universal suffrage in the 19th and 20th Centuries.

To set that aside for a legal system created by a 7th Century warlord based on slavery and the subjugation of women turns regions of the UK into another Pakistan – aggressive, dishonest, poor, cruel, and incompetent.

This cannot stand and the perpetrators must be ejected.


2 Responses to Sharia Law In The UK

  1. Legolas says:

    It’s hard to determine from the article what the scope of the court is. If it’s for civil matters then it’s following the pattern set by the Beth Din – where the religious court takes on the role of the arbitrator. Under British law, if both parties agree to arbitration and the decision is “reasonable” the the ruling is recognised by the High Court.

    Now, the reason the non-secular court isn’t used might be a bit murky especially if the religious teachings of the parties compel them to use the secular court.

    However criminal cases are not permitted to be heard in such courts, they must be heard in the British courts.

    It does seem like a loophole that allows these parallel legal systems to exist but if you close one secular court, do you have to close them all?

  2. gandalf says:


    Darn, WordPress just threw away my long and learned reply – all software is ultimately junk!

    I think Beth Dim is concerned with defining the rules of Jewishness, none of which negatively impact the liberty of the subject.

    However Sharia is a set of rules to oppress the female half of the human race – genital mutilation, concubinage, rape, polygamy, forced marriage, stoning etc. So the whole enterprise is essentially criminal and those involved should be treated as perpetrators.

    So I’d just criminalize Sharia.

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