Fear Brown

Tony Blair’s resignation means Gordon Brown will almost certainly be Prime Minister in 6 weeks. He’s said to admire the US, but based on his treatment of Wolfowitz, he’s just another Pelosi-style appeaser. That’s bad news for Brits.


Tony Blair will resign as Prime Minister on June 27 after admitting today that he had not always lived up to the public’s high expectations when he entered Downing Street a decade ago.

I’d rate Blair B+ for vision and E- for execution – a tragic combination, although quite predictable for a lawyer.

Brown has been Blair’s bean counter, and has ramped inflation to 3.9%, eroded its economic freedom, pushed Brit taxes above German levels and increased public expenditure to a record percentage of GNP by “stealth taxes”. For example, as competition cut the cost of air travel, he slyly increased taxes on it to keep the end user cost constant:

Cost of a flight to New York:

  • 1997 – £329 (of which taxes £24);
  • 2007 – £348 (of which taxes £208).
  • More seriously, he supports the apologist for the biggest fraud in history now shooting for Wolfowitz’s job:

    A former World Bank official himself and ally of soon-to-be British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Mr. Malloch Brown would almost surely be a leading candidate to replace Mr. Wolfowitz should he step down. Not surprisingly, Gordon Brown cold-shouldered Mr. Wolfowitz at a recent meeting in Brussels.

    This makes Gordon Brown a Dem, which means Brits face appeasement and defeat in the fight against Islamic terror. And all those taxes will eventually cause the economy to tank.

    After a year of this guy, the Brits will feel deeply nostalgic for Blair.


    One Response to Fear Brown

    1. [T5D] Blog says:

      Tony Blair to stand down, Cameron vs Gordon

      The great man has finally announced his resignation – 27th August.
      So what next? It would appear to be extremely certain that we will get Gordon Brown as the next Prime Minister. Where I stand regarding my opinion of Gordon Brown I am not current…

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